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Meet Erin

Hi! My name is Erin. I am the mother of three kids (ages 7, 5, and 2) and wife to an amazing husband, Jeremy. I am a Columbia, Missouri native. I attended the University of Missouri where I received my Bachelor's in Education, then went on to get a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I taught math for 8 years until the birth of my son. Since my son’s birth, I have been a work-at-home mom. In 2014, my life changed dramatically after the birth of my daughter. Molly’s delivery was easy compared to my son’s. I left the hospital feeling wonderful, but within 12 hours of being discharged, my body took a terrifying turn. The next six months were the scariest and the hardest of my life. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so bad physically and mentally. I sought doctors' help. I was hospitalized for four days and discharged with no explanation for my symptoms. I spent most days feeling physically ill and depressed. Many nights I couldn’t sleep and I experienced some form of a panic attack that would last 4-5 hours. I was put on meds for anxiety and depression, yet I continued to get worse. Finally I saw the late Dr. William Trumbower. After hearing my story and running a few tests, Dr. Trumbower put his arm around me and said,  “You are going to be okay.” (Read more about my healing journey here). Since my own experience with intense suffering, I have become fascinated with identifying root causes for illnesses and helping others to heal. I founded the CoMo Wellness Conference, which takes place in Columbia, MO each spring, and now work as its Director. I believe there are few things more valuable than our health. It is my great desire to help individuals move towards a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

holding water and laughing

My name is Lila, and I am a Christian wife, a mother to three kids, and a Registered Nurse. Both of my parents were officers in the military so we moved around quite a bit growing up, but I usually just tell people that I’m from California. I met my future husband while doing undergrad at the University of California at Davis, then moved to the Chicago area for 10 years, where I got married, had 2 of my 3 kids and went to nursing school. From there we moved to Columbia, Missouri, due to my husband’s job. While in Columbia I gave birth to my third child, which really jump-started my wellness journey due to health complications he developed. I also met Erin, Tracey, and Jen, and we started an in-person support group for people using diet reformation to improve their family’s health, a collaboration which led to the founding of the annual CoMo Wellness Conference.  Shortly before the first CoMo Wellness Conference in 2017, my husband’s job brought us back up to the Chicago area, where we remain today. I am working as a hospice nurse, which I love, and I also remain on my journey of seeking and sharing knowledge about health and wellness. Like the other women, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and at the computer, cooking real food for my family (my husband does a lot of that now, too!), and researching as much about health and wellness as I can. I’m looking forward to having this blog as another forum to seek and share information with others, because I believe community is one of the key factors in achieving true wellness.

Meet Lila


Hi!  I’m Tracey, a thirty-something wife to Ben and homeschooling mama to 3 kids.   I graduated college with a degree in dental hygiene and worked both full and part time up until our third baby was born.  I made a choice several years ago (you can read more about that here); I chose to be healthy for both myself and my family and I believe that cooking and eating real food is the best way to do that. 


I enjoy reading a good book and the phrase “let’s stay home” was probably coined by me in a past life. I’m a sucker for anything old (jewelry, houses, furniture, pictures)--anything with a story behind it. I’m an introvert, almost to the extreme, and it is admittedly difficult to get to know me. So, this blog is probably the best way for me to share a lot of the things that I’ve learned over the last several years on my journey toward being healthy.  It’s been long and hard, but whose isn’t, right?  So, welcome! I hope you find the posts I make helpful, realistic, and encouraging for your journey.

Meet Tracey

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