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Easy 45 Minute Raised Garden Bed

I know, I know, it sounds unbelievable, but I timed it and it’s true: 45 minutes from start to finish! To be fair, we’ve built some raised beds before, but these were much simpler and should do the trick for the next several years. Here’s what you’ll need:

Materials for 1 raised bed:

  • (3) - 8 ft. by 10 in. boards (one board cut in half)**

  • (1) - 2 ft. by 4 in. board (cut into 10 in. lengths) for bracing the corners

  • 1lb box of 3 inch decking screws (drill bit is typically included)

  • Drill

**Pro tip- have the lumber yard (we used Home Depot) cut the boards to length for you!


  1. Lay out your two 8 ft. by 10 in. boards standing on their sides.

  2. Lay out the two 4 ft. boards on their sides at the top and bottom of the 8 ft. by 10 in. boards.

  3. Secure the ends with the 2 in. by 4 in. corner braces. Predrill 4 holes on each board and screw into place. (see the second picture)

  4. Repeat the process on each of the remaining corners.

  5. Now you’re set to find a sunny spot, fill with dirt and plant something tasty!

Happy building!


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